Saturday, June 9, 2012

Posessive eating

Just finished a late-night tracking of my food intake for Friday. I think I'm in the clear for it. My weight is a bit up right now though. Gonna wait a little longer before I record it.

One problem is that I get sort of territorial about food, like a dog with its bone. I need to somehow learn to let go of that. Sometimes I don't want the food really, I just want to HAVE it.

So when I start thinking I want food, I might try taking it out... Cans from the cupboard, fruit, boxes of things, bread, etc, and just laying it all out. And then put it away. Might sound crazy, but I've done it before. I've taken bread, got 4 pieces ready to make a couple sandwiches, got the peanut butter... and then just put everything away. So maybe I could try laying these things out and telling myself, 'see all the things you have? You have so much, you don't need to worry.'

It helps to get out of the house. Tomorrow I work, so I'll be away from the food, and I'll probably sweat out two pounds. The trouble there is it's my standard 12 to 5 shift and I get so hungry after that. I might pig out on dinner.

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