Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good day, I think, June 8th

It was surprisingly hard to find a really pretty picture of people walking. But this picture is REALLY pretty, so it's worth it.

ooOIndreOoo @ deviantart
I chased a little 3 year old all around the parking lot today to keep an eye on her. She's adorable, but a handful. I watched my neighbors get into a fight. One of them is an alcoholic who gets drunk and gets behind the wheel. He deserved whatever he got, which wasn't much - the drunk swung first and the other guy mostly held him down. The police never showed up, 'cause that's where I live. Nobody got hurt, anyway.

My friend came over to visit. We brought up the idea of moving in to an apartment together and splitting the rent. I'm still nervous... about LIFE. I'm so afraid about everything. And the rain came, with lots of thunder. It didn't stay long, though.

I had a couple cereal bars for breakfast, and lots of flavored water. I woke up late, so that was more around noon time. For dinner I had a small pepperoni pizza. Really nervous about how many calories that was. Then I slept for like 6 hours because I was tired, and now it's midnight and I'm awake again. Haha. I like being able to keep odd hours. I nibbled on some pinches of sunflower seeds, and I've got a nectarine beside me that is so ripe it starts smooshing when I try to hold it in my hand. I was tempted to crack open a soda, but I made another flavored water instead. I will endeavor to only have more fruit if I feel hungry, and perhaps drink some tea in a bit. Or the coffee I forgot all about until just this second.

P.S. My nose itches so bad from allergies! My eyes, too. It's really, really annoying.

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