Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back for good, I hope

On the plus side - (no pun intended)  - at least I'm only 2 pounds above my starting weight after all this time. So I'm not blowing up badly.  I've also been eating whatever I damn well wanted. Heh.  So maybe with just a bit of cutting down (and there's a lot of room to cut down!) I could lose a lot of weight. And then with exercise, I could lose a lot more.

I'm really tired of feeling like a big, bloated body. I really am. It's just extra fun to have depression on top and really not want to go outside and do anything even if I should. I'm also afraid that perhaps my depression is getting a little worse at the moment. My paranoia and irritability has been going up.

Anyway, I just finished breakfast and I'm going in to work for an early shift. x_x

Cereal - 200 cals
Bowl of fruit - 80 cals
Energy shot - 0 cals

Total: 300 cals

Yes, yes, I'm still rounding up.