Friday, February 17, 2012


So I've made a few lists of what to do. I plan to cut my calories again, and this time I'll make a little book of meals I can eat that are low-calorie.

I'm also making a list of junky foods that are my weakness, hereafter referred to as forbidden.

-1,500 calorie allowance per day.  Excess calories must be worked off.
-Only drinks allowed after 5pm
-No soda, coffee to a min

Set up a daily scoreboard for calorie goals. (Probably a calendar)

Not tracking at all = black mark (-300 points)
Over 1,700 cals = red star (-200 points)
Under 1,500 cals = blue star (50 points)
Under 1,400 cals = green star (100 points)
Under 1,300 cals = silver star (200 points)
Under 1,200 cals = gold star (300 points)

Extra blue star per ten mins of exercise

Every 1,000 5,000 and 10,000 points, a reward will be given. :)

Daily exercise will start with taking the dog for a walk twice a day - after breakfast and after dinner, if possible, or a session on the elliptical.  Also found a gym nearby, need to make plans for that as well on my days off work. Having an irregular work schedule makes it hard to plan these things more fully.

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