Saturday, June 9, 2012

No more itchy nose!

Mmmm I have no idea how much calories I took in today.  I had a cereal bar for breakfast again, and a drink. I got subway for lunch, and a tea and some beef jerky for a snack at work, then I ate BBQ chicken and a pasta salad for dinner, and roasted probably 3 marshmallows for a fun desert with my neighbors. So I probably had way too many calories, but today I kind of don't care...

Warning: Now I talk about noses and nose-fluids.

This isn't what mine looks like, but isn't that lovely? Hard to imagine it's for your nose.

I bought a neti pot at the store today. lol. I'd never heard of such a thing until yesterday when I mentioned washing my nose because it was so itchy, and someone asked if I meant I'd used a neti pot.  It's like a watering can/tea kettle sort of thing, but the spout goes in one nostril to pour in water, you tilt your head sideways and the water will run through your sinuses and out the other nostril.  Yeah, I know, ew, because boogers and also because isn't that just weird? And yeah, it's weird, but let me tell you it's freaking awesome.

If you're considering getting one, but are a little unsure, I recommend that you try it. I get terrible ear infections, so all those passages in my head are weird, and trust me I'm super skittish about water going up my nose or in my ears or what have you, to the point where I'm nearly phobic of swimming now. But in all seriousness, it's really just straightforward and simple and it made my damn nose stop itching and actually cleared up both nostrils to boot!!!

This one is mine. Brand: SinuSense. Available at Walmart next to the nasal spray.

It's weird mostly because you can feel the water go in your nose, and it's a little cool (temperature-wise) and for me it keeps somehow coming out into the back of my mouth, so I can feel the cool water on the roof of my mouth and that's also weird. If I manage to tilt my head the right way, the water finishes the trip around and comes out the other side, which is pretty COOL as in neat. I don't know if it's because my neti pot has a slow drip, or if my sinuses are bad, but if you google it you'll see people with a solid stream of water coming out, and I haven't gotten that yet. But even so, it's a freaking relief from the itch-itch-itching, even if I have to do it again a few hours later. It really helps if my meds don't work so great. And it's supposed to help clear things up when you get a cold, etc, so that'll be awesome, don'tcha think?!

One other thing I was worried about was would I feel like I was drowning, or would I inhale the water?  It is a little weird, but I totally was not close to accidentally inhaling the water (at least not yet, but I was pretty bad at my technique). The weird part for me was feeling the water go over the top of my mouth and down the back, but it's no different than when you get that yucky runny nose and you sniffle and the mucus goes into your mouth. Ew, yeah, but you can spit it out, or even swallow it, but you won't drown.

So my fears are put to rest. I just need to make sure that I figure out how to get a better flow going, experiment with how I hold my head and stuff. I'm probably using it wrong or something, cause I google image search for those neti pot images, and see people with freaking rivers pouring out their noses and I'm kind of jealous in the weirdest way. LOL.

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